Living Unity | The Violet Ray

The Seven Doors to Awakened Consciousness

The Violet Ray

The Violet Ray s.jpgThe seventh course allows grace to open the door within the violet ray. Violet is the color of the seventh chakra or crown chakra, located on the top of the head, and is related to:

  • Our connection to the whole
  • A state of oneness where  all duality disappears
  • Yin and Yang meeting as One
  • Healing, transformation and Transmutation
  • Integration
  • Unity
  • Service


When the energy here is distorted and this door is closed, we:

  • Experience  duality
  • Feel disconnected and separate
  • Become depressed and isolated
  • Stay self centered

Through Aura-Soma, Meditation and Satsang we specifically become aware and shine the light of love and consciousness unto the patterns and gifts of the crown chakra, individually and collectively.

Through a direct transmission of presence we can allow grace to bring consciousness and healing to the crown chakra, guiding us towards:

  • Higher consciousness
  • A state of Oneness where we can experience
  • Being one with ourselves
  • Being one with existence
  • Healing on the deepest level