Living Unity | The Red Ray

The Seven Doors to Awakened Consciousness

The Red Ray

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The first course allows grace to open the door within the red ray

Red is the colour of the basen or root chakra, located at the base of the spine and is related for 

-        life and passion for life

-        stability

-        the body

-        our karmic relationship to the situations we meet in life

-        grounding ourselves in reality

-        our attitude to the earth and material side of life

-        our sexual energy


When the energy here is distorted and this door is closed, we experience

-        fears of survival

-        the inability to manifest material wealth

-        aggression

-        anger

-        sexual distortions and perversions

-        frustration

-        restlessness


Through Aura-Soma, Meditation, Satsang and specific structures we become aware and shine the light of love and consciousness unto the patterns of our conditioning. We meet ourselves with unconditional love and open to a new awareness of the issues and the potential within the red ray. We return to the true being, the clear light of consciousness itself.


Through a direct transmission of presence we allow grace to open the root chakra, guiding us towards


-        a sense of natural safety

-        grounded-ness

-        love for the body and the earth

-        a healthy attitude to our sexuality

-        an abiding in limitless awareness and peace