Living Unity | The Orange Ray

The Seven Doors to Awakened Consciousness

The Orange Ray

The Orange Ray s.jpgThe second course allows grace to open the door through the orange ray. Orange is the color of the sunrise and sunset, bliss awakening, the relationship with ourselves and others, melting in love and aloneness, the joy of feeling in the body, sensuality, self love and dedication to spiritual practice.

While this door is closed we experience the wounds and hurts of the inner child, shame, shock and emotional pain. We encounter co-dependency issues, sexual guilt, self neglect, rejection and difficulties of setting boundaries.

Through Aura-Soma, Meditation and Satsang we become aware and shine the light of love and consciousness unto the patterns of our conditioning. We meet ourselves with unconditional love and open to an awareness of the issues and the potential within the orange ray.

Through a direct transmission of presence, we allow grace to bring consciousness and healing to the second chakra, guiding us towards emotional openness and presence. Grace can support a setting right of the relationship with ourselves and others. As we become receptive and open to our surroundings while staying centered in the here and now, we can melt in love and aloneness.