Living Unity | The Magenta Ray

The Seven Doors to Awakened Consciousness

The Magenta Ray

The Magenta Ray s.jpg The eighth chakra gives rise to the magenta ray, a very mysterious phenomenon: The violet ray of crown chakra and red ray of root chakra meet in the eighth chakra. This symbolizes the meeting of the very beginning and the very end, the completion into Oneness.

In the vibration and atmosphere of the magenta ray, all duality and separation returns back to its initial state, the nature of oneness. Whatever influences us to create sufferings through thoughts and emotions naturally dissolves into a vast and complete awareness, just like darkness disappears with the appearance of light.

This eighth chakra and magenta ray takes you into a field of existence, beyond words and concepts, directly revealing your true essence. Within the light of your essence many past conditionings and identifications dissolve and we return back to the healthy, joyful, free and liberated river of life.   

The topics are

  •  Divine Love
  • Love in the little things of Life
  • Timeless Compassion
  • Depth
  • Spirituality in day to day Life
  • Oneness in daily Living
  • The source in which everything arises and in which everything is contained
  • Integration
  • Sacred Space
  • Eternity
  • Beyond the Body mind
  • The Temple
  • The Sacred
  • Incense
  • That which is closer to fragrance than to substance
  • The Soul Star
  • Destiny
  • Grace