Living Unity | The Green Ray

The Seven Doors to Awakened Consciousness

The Green Ray

The Green Ray s.jpgThe fourth course allows grace to open the door within the green ray. Green is the color and vibration of the heart, of love, compassion, the feeling side of the being in response to this moment now here, intuitive wisdom, harmony with nature, decision making through the clarity of the heart and the space to be. With an open heart we accept ourselves as we are rather than how we should be. Thus we can experience, accept and love others as they are.

In the depth of the heart is emptiness and silence. The wisdom of the empty heart is infinite. The flowering of the heart is the return to Oneness Consciousness.

While this door is closed we function according to morality, ideals and shoulds, limit our space, lack self love and keep seeking love and approval from outside. We experience jealousy and envy and are lost in hopeless hope, missing the beauty of the moment.

Through Aura-Soma, Meditation and Satsang we reconnect with the heart, awaken to this moment, move behind the patterns of our conditioning, and come back to ourselves. We open to love, compassion and silence, the gifts of the heart within the green ray.

Through a direct ransmission of presence we can allow grace to bring consciousness and healing to the heart, leading to the flowering of the heart, the power of love and oneness consciousness.