Living Unity | Tantra II, Divine Love for Couples

The Art of Love and Intimacy, Tantra Alchemy for Couples

Tantra II, Divine Love for Couples

Tantra II s.jpgTantra II, Divine Love, is for all couples who have participated in Tantra Alchemy with Rahasya and Nura. This sacred exploration offers specific Tantric Meditations and rituals that bring Love into an even higher dimension: Divine Love. When one begins to see the divine in oneself and the other, one can experience it everywhere.

Explorations from the Vigyan Bhairava Tantra, an ancient yet timeless text in which Shiva shares his insights on love and awareness with his beloved Shakti, will guide us deeper into the mysteries of love. Nature experiences as well as Deeksha, a tansmission of divine energy, will reconnect us with the tenderness and love of this eternal moment.

The explorations in “Tantra II, “Divine Love” include

• Practicing the Love Keys

• Healing of the receptive poles in man and woman:

• Healing of the emotional body of the male

• Healing of the Root Chakra of the female

• The Yap-Yam Meditation

• Ritual: The Breath of Love

• The “Khajuraho” Meditation

• “Finding the real source” Meditation

• Opening the Inner Flute

• A sacred Initiation at the holy water temple in Bali

• The journey from Sex to Love to Prayer to the Divine

• Ritual: The path of Bhakti, divine devotion

• “Experience yourself as Loving Consciousness” Meditation

• And much more