Living Unity | The Sword and the Lotus

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The Sword and the Lotus

The Sword  the Lotus s.jpgConsciousness is one. Realising yourself as one undivided consciousness is liberation. This liberation is found in the silence of your Heart. Two major paths open the Heart of Silence:

  • The path of meditation and the path of love
  • The masculine and the feminine
  • The sword of awareness and the lotus of love and devotion
  • The path of presence and the path of surrender

As you carry both male and female qualities within, whether you are man or woman, an inner meeting will bring tremendous benefits. In the meeting of the masculine and feminine, you become the transcendental human being, a being that is meditative and loving, aware and devoted, present and surrendered.

In this course we will experiment with:

  • Meditative techniques that sharpen our sword of awareness
  • Share the wisdom of the heart to open us to the lotus of love and surrender   
  • Deeksha, a transmission of pure universal intelligence, that will help open our subtle energy channels to receive the wisdom of the universe.