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The Power of Love

image012.jpgThe key for healing and transformation is available when our heart can open trust and love, when we take space to be ourselves, with no ideals of wanting to be different.

The heart is inherently intelligent, wise, and an infinite source of creativity, abundance, love and joy.

Whenever we find ourselves caught in old patterns that create misery and suffering, we try to change, we struggle and fight creating more misery for ourselves and others and feel separate from existence.

What happens if we begin to discover that the love that we seek is actually THE LOVE THAT WE ARE, what happens if we dare to open and expose ourselves to existence in our limitations and gifts and stop trying to be someone else? We become conscious and discover THE POWER OF LOVE.

This course is an exciting and powerful alchemical process of transformation beyond the psychological limits. First we dive deep into the heart to reconnect with the source of love. Then, in the space of Love, we explore and expose FALSE POWER, the energy patterns that give rise to judgements, comparison, competition, blame, and other patterns that keep us in the misunderstanding that we are separate from everything around us. We look into the metaphysics of control, domination and the tendency to be a victim of people and circumstances and free the tremendous energy that was locked in these patterns.

A deep healing process is initiated where the old structures either dissolve or simply fall off like dead branches of a tree. The energy that was held in theses patterns is freed into natural intelligence, wisdom and new creativity. We reach a depth inside that teaches us a new strength in vulnerability, openness and trust. We live our true power, THE POWER OF LOVE.