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The New Dawn, Awakening Intensive


At present so many people around the planet experience a shift in consciousness, and for mother Earth the hope for healing can become a reality. 

But it is definitely not the time to rest with our achievements. First we have to awaken, then living the awakened life puts to the test our transformation. After awakening life will challenge us to stay true to who we are, to flow with the intense changes to come, to stay grounded and present, to recognize and deepen our connection to the divine and abide in the "presence", having one foot in heaven and one foot firmly on the earth... Contribution through who we are will be a main factor to support this global shift.

Until we are firmly anchored in the "presence", which will come as divine grace beyond our own efforts, we can support each other in lifting the vibrational field that we live in, preparing the house for the divine to enter.

If we are already living in the presence, we can invoke it at any time and always go deeper.
This is why we want to heartily invite you to join us for 
"The New Dawn, Awakening Intensive".

These 5 days together will be very special, intimate, uplifting, supportive and enlightening.

We will share special meditative processes, Satsang, Aura - Soma and DAILY ONENESS MEDITATIONS with Nura and Rahasya, which is at present the strongest and most effective transmission for awakening that has already provoked a shift in consciousness for many people.


The Satsangs with Rahasya and Nura are very precious, pointing directly to the truth, supporting the individual to ground in his/her realization and have a glimpse of the beyond.

We are looking forward to welcome you to the new Dawn.

With Love and Blessings,
Rahasya and Nura