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The Flowering of the Heart

The Flowering of the Heart s.jpgThe Flowering of the Heart is a 5 days process for old friends to deepen their connection to the true Self and for new friends to start the inner journey. It is designed to initiate a shift in perception of reality, called the flowering of the heart or spiritual awakening.

Usually we derive a false sense of self from many aspects outside of ourselves, relationships, success, possessions, name, fame, etc., all situations that come and go. This "self" is always afraid to be diminished or to die, when one of these aspects go or change.

In reality this "self" does not exist. In these 5 days we will investigate into the truth that all masters have realized, that we can directly experience that there is no separate I.

This may be surprising, shocking, relieving or enlightening, depending on the intensity of our identifications.

"The Flowering of the Heart" can trigger a release of old mind identification that keeps us in the illusion of separation. It mirrors a greater reality of who we truely are,  and the insight is born that:


In this freedom everything stays the same and everything is different as our perception is different. Life is lived directly from the creative source within, in joy and creativity, in love and presence, in aliveness and stillness. We have found what we always have been striving and looking for.

This process touches you through:

  • Meditation, the path of silence and inner peace
  • Satsang, an open meeting in love and truth
  • Aura-Soma, the healing power of color and fragrance
  • Deeksha, a transmission of a conscious energy that helps the brain to remember its natural physiological functioning, which is to perceive reality with a sense of Oneness and connectedness rather than separation.

This process supports:

  • The Flowering of the Heart
  • A Sense of Oneness with oneself and the whole existence
  • A "Declutching" of the old problem oriented mind
  • A Restructuring of negative life programs into life affirmative values
  • The healing of deep traumas on a cellular level
  • a sense of inner peace and silence
  • Sharing and contribution

"Once we understand that the "I" we talk about daily does not really exist but is in reality only a thought, we are free - free as unlimited consciousness. In this freedom the heart is flowering."