Living the New Man, Awareness, Love and Freedom






Living the New Wo'Man ~ Awareness, Love and Freedom 

 The new man is not an improvement upon the old; he is not a continuous phenomenon, not a refinement. The new man is the declaration of the death of the old, and the birth of an absolutely fresh man -- unconditioned, without any nation, without any religion, without any discriminations of men and women, of black and white, of East and West, or North and South. The new man is a manifesto of one humanity. ...

 ...The new man is you in your freshness, in your silences of the heart, in your depth of meditation, in your beautiful spaces of love, in your songs of joy, in your dances of ecstasy, in your love of this earth....” 


Osho, The Golden Future



The New Wo'Man lives from one source, from the realization that there is no separate self, that there is one undivided, limitless consciousness. This realization is freedom. This freedom supports the flowering of awareness and love, of our uniqueness, our individuality and our highest intelligence, which is the spontaneous creative response to the NOW.

 This freedom is found in the depth and silence of the empty Heart. 

 Two major pathways open the Heart of Silence:

·         The male path of meditation, awareness and presence

·         The female path of love, devotion and surrender


As we carry both male and female qualities within, whether we are man or woman, an inner meeting of both qualities brings tremendous benefits. In the meeting of the masculine and feminine within we become the transcendental human being, a being that is meditative and loving, aware and devoted, present and surrendered.

Living these aspects in daily life is Living the New Wo'Man as Awareness, Love and Freedom

In this course we will experiment with:

·         The Path of Awareness, meditative techniques that deepen the inner witnessing. As we become more aware of our thought patterns a subtle distance to thoughts is created that brings us right back into present moment awareness.


·        The Path of Love - sharing the wisdom of the heart through open interactions, specific structures and Satsang – a meeting in the truth of the moment- to allow the flowering of the lotus of love and surrender   


·         Awakening to the limitless freedom within through Satsang, and a transmission of pure universal intelligence that will help open our subtle energy channels to resonate with the infinite space and wisdom of the universe.

Come and be the New Wo'Man