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Awakening Intensive


 "Awakening Intensive, - The Power of Presence"

              a silent retreat with Rahasya in Wundang Mountains.

Wudang Mountains








Awakening is not something that the ego can achieve, it is the realisation of who we really are beyond the ego structure.  Awakening means, that that which is intrinsic in us, call it consciousness, freedom, awareness, love, presence, the divine or spirit, that which never can be named really, but is more real that our egoic mind, awakens to itself.

It is a pure act of grace. As global consciousness rises, more and more people experience this shift in perception and recognize the oneness of all things.

In this silent retreat surrounded by beautiful nature of Wundag mountain we can take a break from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives and create a space, in which silence and presence to the moment put us into the right climate to become receptive to grace.

 Specific meditation techniques, deep self enquiry, satsang, nature walks and Taiji will support us in preparing for a radical shift in our perception of reality. Just one glimpse of the inner sky will make the walls of our sense of separation crumble and fall, revealing our true essence. A new power is felt, the Power of Presence.

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