Living Unity | Satsang



Satsang s.jpgTruth is one - it is so direct, so immediate, and so simple, that we keep on missing it, because we are it. We keep on overlooking our true nature, our being, our is-ness here now. When no stone is left unturned and the longing to be free becomes a consuming fire burning everything, grace shows us that we simply have been asleep dreaming of suffering and separation. We are free. We have always been free. We are the peace we are looking for. We are the love we are seeking.

There is no "I" and no "you", no separation….What a relief!
But how to recognize this? How to remember? How to abide in this knowing?

Formal Satsang is a sacred gathering of friends on the path willing to recognize what is, willing to enquire into the mysteries of Being Here Now. It may be just a deep silent sitting, a questions and answer session or reports of one's own understanding in the presence of someone who has realised this.

As the flame of recognition is kindled in one's own heart, every event and experience of life can be welcomed to Satsang, can be lovingly met and enjoyed as what it is.
Satsang is to meet and satisfy our deepest longing of the heart to be free, to love and be at peace. Satsang is an energy field, a sacred meeting to remember the truth that is already inherent in all of us. Satsang is not about solving the problems of life, but about recognizing the perfection of all things herenow, and thus it can be the dissolution of all problems. Satsang is a blessings, come and know that you are blessed!

The Satsang meetings will provide that atmosphere of loving presence, relaxed alertness and tenderness of the heart that every being will recognize and rejoice in.

"Don't carry any fixed pattern. If you feel that somebody is there who is livelier than you, more radiant than you, more understanding than you, more compassion overflowing from his being, then just be in his presence. That's what we call SATSANG: just be in his presence. If he has arrived, you will feel a sudden pull in your being -- you are being pulled towards some unknown center. And you will feel tremendous beauty, bliss, blessings showering on you. That will be the only criterion; but for that you have to be ready."

Osho: The Beloved #10 , Q.3