Living Unity | Abundance, Love and Harmony in Daily Living

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Abundance, Love and Harmony in Daily Living

Abundance Love and Harmony n daily Living s.jpgExistence is abundance. It is in perfect order and held together by love. As we human beings a part of existence it should be only natural that we live in abundance, harmony and love. Yet many of us experience stress, separation and live with a sense of missing love.

This course is an invitation to reconnect with our birthright and realign ourselves with our purpose in life. We can open to a deeper source within, where we are already deeply connected with existence.

The very presence of Rahasya and Nura in their loving togetherness will act as a catalyst for transformation.

  • The colors and fragrances of Aura-Soma
  • Open meetings in truth
  • Energy transmissions
  • Specific meditation techniques and guided meditations

This course will open us to a new abundance, so we can re-experience love and fall in Harmony with the Tao.