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The Art of Love and Intimacy, Tantra Alchemy for Couples

An article by Rahasya


Love, intimacy, relationship and sex have been a main interest during my whole life. I remember as a child that I found it very strange that people did not just love each other, but were acting out so many conflicts. Looking back I must have had a glimpse of the truth, that ultimately we are love, and love is what we are here to share with each other.


I have been so fortunate to live a life of love on so many levels. My late wife Nura and I have been together on our journey of love for 32 years until she sadly and suddenly passed away after a short illness. Now I am together with my new partner Udaya for 3.5 years and the journey of love continues. In both relationships we have gone through ups and downs and have been growing tremendously. I feel what has kept us together was our commitment to Love and the willingness to take responsibility for who we are. Again and again one of us needed to make a step in their own personal and/or spiritual development, the status quo needed to break and the relationship got shaky and insecure. We had our crisis’s, and in the end love was inviting each other along, so that our journey became a dance of togetherness and aloneness, and a dance of mutual support.

Early in my relationship with Nura we began to study and experiment with Tantra. At that time, 1983, we lived in a spiritual commune in a castle in Germany. Margot Anand, a well known Tantra Teacher, was part of the commune, which gave us the opportunity to explore many ways of reaching more ecstatic experiences in Sex. Living in India from 1986-1996 we were part of a mystery school, where about 14 couples of the School went into a year long Tantric exploration and practice inspired by our master, and together we developed a Tantric approach that was closely linked to the explorations of Esoteric Sciences and the ancient wisdom of the “Vigyan Bhairav Tantra”, a timeless teaching of Lord Shiva shared with his beloved Devi.


My new partner Udaya melted so beautifully into this new approach of “making” love that the explorations continue until this day, offering new learnings in each meeting.


A deeper understanding of the chakras and the energy flow between man and woman was like the missing link that took our sexual relationship to unknown heights and depths. It was the flowering of a new insight, that, if we are in a synchronicity of the heart, we can use the sexual union to take us to more and more subtle levels of consciousness, to heal and transform each other’s emotional and psychological wounds, and naturally take us to a depth of love, awareness and awakening. By being ourselves, being present to what emerges in our togetherness, relaxing, and allowing our energies to find their natural expression, the term “making love”, transforming the sexual energy into love, became a reality.

We also found that approaching the sex act with presence and meditation, coming together very slowly, resting with each other and inside each other, forgetting all goal orientation and merging more and more into the energy flow of the present moment, our energies would melt and merge, and eventually rise into more and more subtle expressions of sensitivity, joy, love, devotion and clarity. Our love meditations can last from 30 min to more than 3 hrs.


We recognized, that we needed to make dates and commit ourselves to regular “Love Meditations”, even when the natural “urge” was not there. The energy would then come in a very different and new way, more as a dance between us, not knowing where it will lead us.

Since then, each “Love Meditation” is like a new adventure into the unknown, with no goal, with no ideals, just with a commitment to be with what is. A deep healing is happening, and we are often surprised when in moments we get wild and very alive, or in other moments just fall into a deep alert restfulness and relaxation.

For so many years now I feel so privileged to be able to share our experiences in a most precious course, “The Art of Love and Intimacy, Tantra Alchemy for Couples” that we offer in regularly in Bali. Please come and join us 5-12 October 2018 to gift each other with a most precious gift that can deeply transform your relationship and take you to new heights of Love.


Here are some comments of Participants:


“A wonderful week with love and Meditation. We have been married for 34 years, and this was like a second honeymoon, much better than the first! We have learnt a lot about the first chakra and even the six other chakras.”

Margarethe and Anders, Sweden


“We have been living together for 18 years and this course (which we have taken three times) has really changed the way of looking at our relationship and deepened our understanding about ourselves and our sex life. “

Per Frisk (Publisher of Hälsa Magazine)

Monika Frisk (Publisher of Energivägen)


-“You have taken us on a journey we did not know was possible into a world we thought we knew, but had bareley touched. We also have learned how to explore the rest of this vital world on our own.”



-“I feel empowered, bewildered, intoxicated, joyful, happy, weakened, strengthened, lovely, loved, vulnerable, alive and very present. Thank you for a wonderful, wonderful week.”



-“Mit dem Geschenk dieses wunderbaren Kurses, den so simplen und noch mehr Ueberwaeltigenden “insights” wurde unsere Ehe veraendert…schoener als im honeymoon, bewusster, ehrlicher, tiefer.

Vibhavari and Pravas


-“Thank you for presence and skills and thank you for being. Niklas and I have gone through a week which has confirmed the love we feel for eachother. Our love has become richer, softer, more powerful, deeper and most important more present. I have been longing for this all my life.-The art of BEING in love.

Thank you for exploring Tantra the way you do (I mean the way you are).”


1.     Everything has been perfect

2.     I know now that stillness is the greatest transformer

3.     Rahsya! You bring a kind of simple approach to the mystery of togetherness

4.     My mind has been going “whakko” on almost everything during this week, but the truth somehow has been stronger, and the surrender to what is can transform, what a release!!

5.     Relations can drive you mad, and I now know that this madness is a door to deeper understanding, that my partner is a loving creature- not a monster (giggle) – love conquers everything

6.     Scared to pieces I entered what I thought was a tomb. I now walk out of a temple with a whole lot of confidence





“Now I understand the expression “to hover on a cloud”, a cloud of love and acceptance.. Thank you for a beautiful week.”

Niklas Ensberg



“A rediscovery of the beautiful mystery of being man and woman. An exciting travel into new dimensions of love making.”

Erik and Mirriama


“The course exceeded all my expectations. I used to have such in the old days. Thank you. You are both so beautiful”.

 Lars Lennart


“What an amazing course! I feel I truly have dived deeply into my fears and illusions around intimacy, love and sex. It has been a journey from object panic to joy…Thank you both from my deepest heart.”

Peter Forster


Oooh, the sweetest oneness between us. And she taught me how to really eat chocolate.

The greatest gift to myself/ourselves – the flowering of love – the insight of the endlessness of love – words cannot describe this – my body is trembling/shivering all over in all cells with love and ecstasy. This has been an incredible opening of the heart, of love, in a very loving, non-doing way. I wish every couple of love to experience this.

Ruchira and Vinay


We both reached deeper clarity and understanding about ourselves. The understanding of total presence and acceptance sunk deep into our hearts. A most rewarding and highly recommended week – the deepest we have ever done


Maud and Lennart Henrikson

Tantra I, Tantra Alchemy