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The New Dawn Awakening, Byron Bay February 3 - 8, 2014

Well, what to say? So much happened for me during this marvelous and heart-opening week of the New Dawn Awakening workshop. I didn't know what to expect before I attended the course as I hadn't been privy to Rahasya and Nura's work prior to this event.

I was completely surprised by the deep level of authenticity, great caring and innate wisdom of both Rahasya and Nura.

There was something refreshing and different for me to participate in a course where my fellow attendees were non-English speaking, in this case Japanese. I have been deeply touched by the natural grace and gentleness of the Japanese group. 

The setting of this auspicious week couldn't have been more inspiring. Surrounded by the plush comfort of tropical Northern NSW with all it's ornamental flora and turquoise skies I felt like the depth of the beauty I felt within was manifest all around me. What a mirror of numinosity and luminosity.

Sure it may sound naive, but you know what? I've been seeing the world through rose-colored glasses since the workshop. Tome all that really means is that I walk in gratitude. Gratefully acknowledging just how connected we all are, and yet how delightfully unique we are.

Om Shanti

Vita Rafaela